Thursday, January 27, 2011

The news I have about Clara Jean is all good! Over the last few months we have had some tests and some scans and the results couldn't be better. Clara's blood work is as normal as it should be. Her urine tests all point to her not having diabetes insipidus. And lastly, her scans are great! The place on her skull where they had to remove bone is still getting smaller. That means that it is continuing to grow back just like it is supposed to. This month, it has been a year since CJ's last chemo. It really doesn't seem like it has been that long! We have been officially changed from 3 month check-ups to 6 month check-ups!

Interestingly, Clara isn't too sure how she feels about that. I was watching her last week at her check-up and it is almost like a homecoming for her. She gets so excited to see all the wonderful nurses who took care of her while she was having her chemo. Those sweet ladies were all oooing and ahhing over Clara. Saying things like, "Clara Jean you are getting so tall. Oh my, look at Clara Jean, you look so pretty, your hair is getting so long!" And let me tell you...CJ was eating that stuff up! She couldn't stop smiling. She feels safe and loved there. And I don't blame her. I am ready to put this chapter behind us, but I don't want to forget the amazing care that was given to my daughter during her time of need by an amazing team of nurses, and doctors too!

I want to share with you a little bit about our friend Savannah. Savannah is about a year older than Clara Jean and is battling cancer for the third time. Savannah is one of those kids who you are just drawn to. She has a way about her. Her spirit, her smile, her determination are all things that you can't help but notice. I have to say, we don't know Savannah well. We would see her at the clinic and say hello. Sometimes she and Clara Jean would "chat" on their DSi(s) or chat with each other in person. Even though we don't know her well, we feel like we do. Clara loves Savannah. I think that these kids just get each other. They feel a bond with the other kids who are going through the same things that they are. They look around the room and they don't feel judged. They don't worry about what the other kids are going to think. Savannah needs your prayers. Her last set of scans were not good. Her cancer is progressing, rapidly. I don't know what else to say except please pray for her. She so wants to live and she is giving this fight everything she has. You can follow her progress at

Thank you for continuing to pray for Clara Jean and our family.

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